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Public Rock Wall Times

Sunday - 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Monday - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Wednesday - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Rock Climbing and Equipment Rental Fees

1 Time Pass Climb $2.00

1 Harness Rental  $1.00

1 Helmet Rental    $1.00

1 Shoes Rental     $3.00

12 Time Climbing Pass, harness, and helmet $44.00

24 Time Climbing Pass, harness, and helmet $75.00

12 Time Climb ONLY $20.00

* Non refundable: all passes

* The 12 and 24 Time Climbing Pass are transferable.

* This fee covers the scheduled time when rock wall is open, whether you climb for the full time or only part of the time.


Information on Public Climbing Time

1. All fees must be paid at the front office and cards must be presented to the climbing supervisor.

2. NO IOU's accepted.

3. All CONSENT AND RELEASE FORMS must be filled out and signed prior to climbing. If the climber is under 18 years old they must have a guardian sign for them. These are valid until the end of June of the year signed.


>> Click here for the Consent and Release form.

>> Click here for the specific Scouts Canada Consent and Release form.


Prices for Groups (1 Hour)

Up to 6 Climbers - $50.00

7 - 14 Climbers - $70.00

15 - 24 Climbers - $85.00

$2.00 an hour charge per person over the limit.

For first hour - no charge less than the full hour (after the 1st hr. they may book by the half hour)



To book a private time please call the Outward Pursuits office phone (403) 782-3381 ext. 4071, or send a message to .


Prices for Private Instruction

Private lessons must be arranged through the Outward Pursuits office.

6 Hours Instruction

- $125.00 for up to 3 people / 1 instructor

- $200.00 for 4-6 people / 2 instructors

Less Than 6 Hours Instruction

- $25.00 per hour for group (up to 3 people)

- $40.00 per hour for group (4-6 people)

Cost includes: Climbing time, Helmet, Harness and Instructor.

Instruction includes: Basic rock climbing; Knots and safety; Belaying - wall/climbing technique; Equipment selection, care, use and safety; Anchoring procedures.


**Prices/rates are subject to change at any given moment.