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Zoom is a video conferencing solution that some professors use for class purposes or to communicate with students in real-time.  Other staff and departments may use it for events or just as a way to connect.  Further instruction on how to use this service and video tutorials are available at  Zoom.US


Basic Account:  Any Burman faculty, staff or student can LOGIN to Zoom using their Burman email address and password.  To do this, point your browser to   Zoom.US  click on the Sign In link at the top right of the window, then the SSO option and SIGN IN with your Burman email account name and password.  This will activate your account within the Burman Zoom group, creating a Basic account.  From then on, you may choose the SSO or the Sign in with Google option.  With the Basic account, you can join or host Zoom meetings, and record them to your computer.  If you need more assistance or have further questions, please contact the IT office at


Licensed account:  If you need to have recording to the Zoom cloud, or host meetings longer then 40 minutes, then please contact IT at and a Licensed account can be procured for you.


Burman Zoom Landing Page:  Our Burman Zoom Landing page is located here: