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Turnitin is an Internet-based plagiarism-prevention service used in schools across the world to submit essays to the Turnitin website, which checks the documents for unoriginal content. Turnitin checks for potential unoriginal content by comparing submitted papers to several databases using a proprietary algorithm. It scans its own databases and also has licensing agreements with large academic proprietary databases.


This quickstart provides you with step-by-step instructions for submitting a paper to Turnitin ( Note that is also integrated with Desire 2 Learn, our campus Course Management System.  If you would like more information on this service, the User Manual provides an extensive overview of Turnitin.


Draft Coach

Draft Coach is a lite version of Turnitin where students can check their paper's similarity index (Plagiarism check), citations, and grammar before submitting their final work to D2L-Dropbox.

Turnitin-Draft Coach is now available as an add-on for Google Docs. You can go to and log with your school email and password.

Then just go to the Add-Ons tab > Turnitin Draft Coach> Turnitin Draft Coach

Then you can start working on your paper or just copy and paste the work that you have already done.

This Add-on is enabled for our domain so it should work for faculty and students' school accounts.

Here is a video tutorial with more information

If you have any questions please send a ticket to